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Swimming pools claim hundreds of lives each year in Texas. Drowning accidents, chemical accidents, diving accidents, and swimming pool construction accidents, all can be fatal. Browse our site to learn how to better protect yourself and your loved ones from negligently maintained pools and pool construction sites.

  • Summertime is typically time when families and children spend countless hours in or around swimming pools.
  • While swimming pools are fun places to spend a summer day, they are also dangerous places that can cause serious personal injury or death.
  • When on vacation and staying in new neighborhoods you may be less familiar with the community or hotel pool. Try to arrive during daylight or do a google search for the pools in your area. Go to the pools you or your family may be visiting and check for these safety measures:
  • Check to see what hours of operation the pool provides a lifeguard.
  • If there is no signage, this is a VERY BAD SIGN!
  • Inspect to see if there is adequate coverings over the drains in the bottom of the pool (SVRS) Safety Vacuum Release Systems/anti-entrapment devices, that detect if there is something blocking the drain and automatically shut down to prevent drownings.
  • Inspect the outer perimeter of the pool for depth of pool markings on the side of the pool from deckside and inside the pool on the tile line.
  • Some things you cannot inspect for, for instance, an overly chemically treated pool-if you have serious concerns due to strong chlorine smell, ask a pool manager or lifeguard to test the water chemical levels.
  • If you are the parent to a small child or a child who is not a skilled swimmer, make sure any pools in the surrounding area are well fenced and gaited.
  • Swimming Pools under construction cause a serious risk of injury and death to children, if you have a neighbor building a pool or you are building a pool, make sure the construction site is well secured by the contractors who are responsible for maintaining a safe work site.
  • Even if your child is a strong swimmer, never leave them unattended or unsupervised at a pool, in a hot tub, or water park.
  • Check the surface around the pool to assure it is a non-skid/non-slippery surface. It is not advisable to swim at a pool that you cannot walk around safely
  • Pool covers can also be dangerous if a child slips between the cover into the pool and cannot get out, make sure pool coverings do not have gaps to allow for accidental drownings.
  • Never drink alcohol or ingest drugs or other mind altering substances when swimming in a pool or other body of water.

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