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Below are a few examples of the types of cases where we have negotiated settlements for our clients or tried to verdict. We have also included the names of some of the defendants we have challenged and either obtained settlements or judgments against. Contact us so we can get started on your case.

Personal Injury, (Bike Crash Hit and Run) Cyclist was commuting to work when hit by an airport shuttle van that drove off after the collision. The cyclist was slammed face down into the pavement. The cyclist suffered over $150,000.00 in maxillofacial injuries that were surgically repaired. The driver could not be identified by any GPS or other devices and at trial Lenore Shefman was able to convince a jury through circumstantial evidence and company documents who the specific van driver was out of the 15 other vans in operation at or near the time of the collision. Plaintiff was awarded a judgment of $597,000.00.

Personal Injury, (Premises Liability) Plaintiff was playing pool in a pool hall. At approximately 1:45 a.m. he went to use the restroom that the owner of the pool hall had freshly mopped. The plaintiff slipped on a highly concentrated solution of pine sol that had been freshly poured and no warning signs were provided. Controversy over a prior surgical condition with plaintiff's back and controverted medical diagnosis, plainitff was awarded $600,000.00 in settlement following mediation.

Personal Injury, (Bike Crash) Plaintiff was riding his bicycle in the bike lane when 16 year old violated his right of way. Plaitniff suffered an avulsion fracture to his ankle. Defendant's highest offer was $50,000.00 pre-trial. Plaintiff tried the case and was awarded a verdict of $239,000.00

Personal Injury, (Bike Crash) Plaintiff was returning home from work at 5:30 a.m. on Airport Blvd. He was run over from behind by a taxi-cab. After spending two months in critical care suffering injuries to his cervical spinal cord and thoracic spine and other injuries we are pleased to report he is back to riding bicycles again. The cab settled for the full policy limits.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident, Hit and Run)Cyclist was traveling North on Chicon on her bike about to make a left turn on to East Fifth Street in Austin, Texas. She reached the intersection and stopped. She utilized her left arm to signal her intent to make a left turn. She waited for oncoming traffic to pass, just as a vehicle passed in the oncoming lane of traffic, the pick-up truck, identified by several witnesses as a 2001 Black Chevy Silverado, Extended Cab, license plate 90NKJ9, sped around her from behind, came up on the left, barely avoided a collision with the car passing, and hit the cyclist. The driver was prosecuted for hit and run and failure to render aid. Injured cyclist suffered a radial head fracture and resolved her claim for the policy limits.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/avid cyclist, hit by a giant SUV in Austin on Amesbury as the cyclist was attempting to continue through the intersection on Guadalupe in a marked bike lane. The SUV ignored the cyclists right-of-way. Cyclist suffered a broken tibia. Settlement for Plaintiff. Witness information became available thanks to posting information on the website indicating witnesses were needed. Thanks Jason! and the Austin community for showing up for this cyclist.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/avid cyclist, and board member for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, suffered a broken wrist and deep transverse laceration to the quadricep/VMO muscle when the driver of a BMW attempting to short-cut traffic, made an illegal right-hand turn onto the Octavia, Market Street, US HWY 101 on-ramp. Settlement for Plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/avid commuter cyclist, suffered broken olecranon and clavicle when riding down California Street on his way to work at the Real Food Company. Cyclist underwent open reduction internal fixation surgery to repair broken bone. Surgeons broke screw from a prior surgery to the same bone while attempting to remove the prior surgical hardware. Settlement for plaintiff and substantial lien reduction.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/commuter cyclist, hit by car on Division and Brannan. Settlement for Plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Motorcycle Accident) Plaintiff/motorcyclist and dedicated track racer was hit when a car making a right turn did not see her to his right. Plaintiff suffered right ankle scarring, settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/cyclist completed a 600-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS. After completing the ride, he returned to San Francisco, picked up his bicycle from the gear truck, he was riding home and subsequently hit by a car driven by a nurse. Thankfully, the nurse insisted on providing transport to the injured cyclist to the ER. Cyclist underwent surgery on his hand and has suffered permanent injury requiring future career change from massage therapist due to his injury. Cyclist settled for full policy limits $250,000.00.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/cyclist in Austin, Texas was riding on MLK, suffered eight broken vertebrae when the driver of a van made a right-hand turn directly in front of the cyclist clipping the cyclists wheel causing the cyclist to veer off the roadway and directly into a tree. Plaintiff settled for policy limits.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/cyclist was riding his bike through an intersection with a green light. A vehicle making a left-hand turn ignored the cyclists right-of-way hitting and injuring the cyclist. Settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/cyclist was riding his bike on the Embarcadero in the bike lane when he was struck by a car that had pulled into the bike lane and began reversing his car. Cyclist was unable to avoid a collision due to the motorists unanticipated actions. Cyclist suffered a broken metacarpal (hand bone). Settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Bicycle Accident) Plaintiff/cyclist was riding his bike in Berkeley when he was struck by a car driver who did not see him. Cyclist suffered knee injury and collar-bone injury. Settlement for cyclist.

Personal Injury, (Motorcycle Accident) Plaintiff was riding a motorcycle down a residential street when a car did an illegal u-turn in the roadway colliding into the motorcyclist. Plaintiff suffered severe injury to his arm, leg and serious road burn. Settled for the policy limits of the car driver.

Personal Injury, (Auto Accident) Plaintiff was driving on SR-4 in Pittsburg in rush hour traffic when a car in the neighboring lane began moving into her lane. In order to avoid impact plaintiff swerved and ended up running into the death wall, her car flipped and the jaws of life were used to cut her from inside of the vehicle. Plaintiff had open reduction internal fixation surgery on her ankle and suffered minor internal injuries. Settlement for Plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Premises Liability) Plaintiff was attacked and beaten inside the mall by a group of men. Settlement for plaintiff pre-trial.

Personal Injury, (Slip and Fall) Plaintiff suffered a knee injury after slipping and falling when coming out of the restroom at the restaurant. Accident reconstruction experts found a building code violation in the slope of the floor causing a dangerous condition in the floor and the cause of plaintiff’s injury. KFC agreed to settle plaintiff’s case at mediation. Confidential settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Escalator Injury) involving an elderly woman whose shirt was stuck in an escalator railing at a casino in Reno, Nevada. Case was litigated in United States District Court and settled prior to trial. Confidential Settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Slip and Fall) Plaintiff, a homeless woman, was walking down a street in San Francisco. Plaintiff’s shoe heel was caught in a 1 inch depression in the sidewalk causing her to slip and fall and injur her heel. Plaintiff was awarded compensatory damages.

Personal Injury, (Trucking Accident) Plaintiffs, an elderly mother and daughter, were driving onto the highway when an 18-wheeler truck collided into their car slamming them into the highway rail. Substantial settlement for plaintiffs.

Personal Injury, (Slip and Fall) Plaintiff slipped and fell on a slippery substance on the tile floor of a Longs Drug Store. She suffered severe injury to her back and spinal cord. Following several surgeries her case settled for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Slip and Fall) Plaintiff was viewing a model home in a new subdivision when he fell in an uncovered hole on the property. Plaintiff underwent spinal fusion surgery as a result of his injuries. Settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Auto Accident) Three plaintiffs were at a complete stop at a stop light on South Van Ness in San Francisco. McMillan Electric driver, while looking under the passenger seat of the F250 pick-up truck he was driving and answering a call on his cell phone, rear ended plaintiffs at 35 miles per hour. Settlement pre-filing of lawsuit.

Personal Injury, (Dog Bite) U.S. Postal worker was delivering mail to a residence in Lafayette, California. The mailbox to the home was kept inside a white picket fence with no warning signs of a dog. The owners had left their German Shepherd dog loose in the yard. When the mailman went to put the mail inside the box, the dog ran from around the side of the house and attacked the mail carrier, biting his elbow and left a one inch mark on the postal carrier’s arm and puncture wound mark on his leg. Settlement for plaintiff.

Personal Injury, (Dog Bite) A Federal Express delivery driver was delivering a package to a physicians home in Modesto, California. When the owner answered the door she failed to restrain the German Shepherd. The dog attacked the driver leaving permanent injury and scarring on her breast and wrist. Settlement for plaintiff.

Construction Defect, (Concrete and Soils Prep) A case involving Pool Contractor and concrete sub-contractor. At trial, plaintiff proved negligent construction and fraud against both defendants. Defense counsel asked for a mistrial that was granted. After proving fraud defense counsel admitted having a conflict of interest in representing both defendants in the case, thus the reason for mistrial. Jury was asked for their verdict despite the mistrial. The jury found for the plaintiffs. The jury was prepared to award in excess of $500,000 in damages and a punitive award for the fraud perpetrated against them by the contractors. Defendant’s refused to settle despite several opportunities. There was only $25,000 worth of actual property damage to plaintiff’s property. After the mistrial, the parties agreed to settle.

Construction Defect. (Pool Defect) One of the largest pool manufacturers in America failed to get a proper soils engineer before building a swimming pool for a house on a hill in Martinez, CA. The swimming pool began cracking and moving towards the home. Homeowners brought suit and won at arbitration.

Construction Defect, (Commercial Residential Mixed Use Building) Alpha Construction (plainitff), was hired to construct a mixed use building for a property owner (our client). Hipolito Espinoza, owner of Alpha Construction perpetrated a fraud on the owner of the property by fraudulently using the license of Giovanni Construction Company to sign the contracts for the construction project. During mid-construction, contractor became licensed with the California State Licensing Board. Contractor then attempted to extort money from the property owner. Property owner refused to pay, the contractor filed a mechanic's lien. Property owner, defendant and cross-complainant, moved to expunge the lis pendens and litigation ensued. Plaintiff eventually dropped all claims. Lien was removed and the surety company for the contractor paid on all bonds to our client, property owner.

Breach of Contract, (Storage unit) Apartment complex that offered on site storage facilities for their tenants inadvertently threw away the contents of a storage unit. Settlement for plaintiff.


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Practicing in Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Buda, Kyle, and other surrounding cities. Practicing in the following counties: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Harris, and Comal counties. The Shefman Law Group
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